Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Vincent de Paul in the House!

If you haven't been down to check out the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry, you need to stop on by!

They have just finished relocating from the basement of the rectory to the basement of the Catholic Worker. They will have much more space and our two groups will be able to do so much more together by being in such close proximity.

For the last several weeks, the group has been working hard preparing the space. They took out loads of items to be thrown out. They installed shelves, a door buzzer, a light and had a fax line put in. The did numerous other repairs. There was plenty of cleaning and painting as prior flooding left mildew on the walls and floors. On Saturday, the move was finalized as students from De Sales High School helped them bring over all the food items.

The Catholic Worker is happy to welcome our new neighbors to the building, and we hope there is much we can do together! We will be on site to help out, especially if volunteers are low for any reason. We are also looking to provide complimentary services--after they give out food pantry items, we may invite the guests up for a meal or healthy snacks.

Here is their new office!

Pictures of Jake, Pat, Bob and everyone else in the gang will be here soon, but I need to catch them on a day when they are not up to their elbows in sawdust and bleach (which is not very often!) They are a very hard working bunch.

Today, March 16th, is the first day the pantry will be operating from their new location! Please join me in welcoming them, and stop on by to visit sometime.

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