Sunday, January 04, 2009

Moving In!

All three initial live-in volunteers were able to finalize their move to the new Catholic Worker house in the last weekend of 2008. Dale had already moved in several days prior, so that left Pat and me (Frank) to get there . It took two days, several meals and lots of lifting, but we were able to do it and had a good time throughout the weekend.

I'm glad Sr. Barbara was not able to see firsthand the mess we created in the large dining room! Thankfully, that mess exists now only in memory.

Below is a picture of Pat happily lifting some containers.

Note: This laundry bin contained some shoes that were lost for several days. His eyes must have been blinded by the flash, for he put this in the most unlikely of places.
It wasn't all work, though. Fortunately, there was also plenty of time for fellowship! Below are Dale and Erin discussing the finer points of something or other.

Thanks to Cheryl, Erin & the kids, Mary, Bill and everyone else who helped make this move a lot easier! Your help and your company gave us a warm welcome.

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