Wednesday, May 06, 2009


You may have noticed the new banner at the top of this site. It is a contemplative glance along the stained glass windows of the chapel. The picture gives me the feeling you get when you walk into an old church and you can feel the prayerful drama there in the atmosphere. I think it speaks to something deeper about who we are and our mission, something that can't be defined but sort of pointed toward--something to meditate upon. It tells more about where we are coming from than lists of activities.

The picture was taken by my close friend Scott, who also overlaid the text on top. Scott is an excellent photographer, check out his pictures here, arranged in two sets entitled "Nature/Rural" and "City." You can also see a panorama on his blog with descriptions of the editing and selecting process. For locals, he has some good shots of Columbus and the Short North area. Check them out!

Thanks, Scott!


Erin said...

Nice post!

Scott Teresi said...

Wow, thanks for the compliments! I'm so glad you liked the picture!