Monday, December 07, 2009


We often thank God
for all the material wealth in our lives.
We call it a blessing.

Indeed, it is true that the more God has given to us
really is a great blessing to us.

But the reason it is a blessing is not because we have more--
The reason it is a blessing is because we have the opportunity to give more.

By giving more we have the opportunity to be more
like God
and what truer blessing is there than that?
and what more wealth is there than that?
and what more reason is there to be thankful to God than that?


Anonymous said...

I am grateful that the Holy Spirit led me to CCW and all of you - including new member Tom. In New Orleans, many say "Have a blessed day". I came to love that as I made my way through life there, surrounded as I was by people who had lost everything but each other and God. I thought of them when I read this post and realized that is what hospitality is about for me, at this momemt: a celebration the great blessing of each other and God, that great blessing that is two or three of us gathered in his name. Jean

Erin said...

Sometimes blessings come as painful lessons...

Marie said...

Nice writing Frank -- thanks for the post. Jean, I liked what you had to say to. Your posts help me keep the idea of a more simple path in the fore. Thanks one & all, Marie